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    Those are not the real plugins. xD
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    2 days to the 3.0 release!

    2 days to the 3.0 release!
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    (NEW) Helper Application Instructions

    New system: Please apply with the new system at:
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    Christmas Rank Giveaway!

    Congrats to all who won! Thanks for entering! Winners were announced on the discord. (
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    Christmas Rank Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! Christmas is right around the corner and it's time for the Christmas Rank Giveaway! We will be giving away 1 Rogue rank, 1 Sage rank, 1 Master rank, 1 lord rank, and 1 alpha rank. Simply leave your IGN down below! Winners will be drawn the day after Christmas, as long as we...
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    Name Change

    It suits you well! I will only change it if you REALLLLLY want me to.
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    Qmium Hub Build Competition!

    Hey guys! We will be adding a hub to Qmium (along with some other gamemodes ;)) soon and we need a build for the hub! If you want to have a chance at having your build be the Qmium hub, the first thing people see when they join, then make one and post it as a reply here! Here are some...
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    Come play skyblock everyone!

    Come play skyblock everyone!
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    Glad to announce that SkyBlock is out!

    Glad to announce that SkyBlock is out!
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    See you later!
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    Im bob

    oofing on the forums
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    Im bob

    BYE sdfsdfsd
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    Playing the creative server on! Join today!

    Playing the creative server on! Join today!
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    Player Report Format

    This template is for reporting players who have violated the rules on The Qmium Network! If you follow the format and if the evidence is sufficient, the player who violated the rules will be punished! Chat logs can be easily edited, so they are always considered insufficient. You'll just be...
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    Ban/Mute Appeal Format

    This template is for those who were Muted/Banned, you can use this to get out of your punishment fully or it can be reduced! Remember to try your hardest when appealing! Please be honest in your appeals and it might just get your ban removed, or reduced. Lazy vague appeals will be automatically...
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    Qmium Forum Rules

    Qmium Forum Rules The Qmium Forums is where you can post your ideas, suggestions, report players, etc. However, the forums have a set of rules that we’d like forum users to obey to. Like on the server, players get offences if they disobey a rule on the forums. If caught rule violating they’ll...